Fluid heater tube:


This heater immersed the heating portion directly into the heating substance thus possess 100% thermal efficiency, and is widely used standard product due to easy application. The screw type plug liquid heater, was screwed into the fluid tank, air tank or piping, most suitable for heating of water, oil, paraffin and ethylene tri-chloride. The standard fluid heater is available for water, oil, paraffin and ethylene tri-chloride, but may order specially for heating of other fluid. Special size is available whenever there is limitation in installation space.

JAW screw type piston fluid heater is made by external tube which is extremely resistance to the corrosion of heated fluid and then bent to shape and welded to the screw plug of appropriate size, the connection terminal is protected by open type cap and water proof type and explosion proof type is available under request.

The heating portion should be submerged totally while application, overheat may happened even if there is small portion exposed from the fluid and cause breakage of the heater tube. Never spill water or other fluid onto the power terminal portion. Use after confirming there is correct application of the heater. Overheat or breakage may occurred if there is scale or dirt adhere on the external tube portion of the heater.