Dry heating tube:

  JAW Aluminum setting type heater is to cast the heater tube into aluminum piece in formation. Generally, it is close contact with the heated matter and heating by thermal conductivity, it is most suitable to eject formation machine, the feeding cylinder of screw type protruder, or heating of the processing mold and rubber mold. Though it possess similar features of the heater band, air heater in application, it is excel in shock proof, impact resistance and durability and withstand to considerable stringent condition in application, so the use was extended recently. Due to the aluminum base material of this heater, so the heat distribution is even and provide optimal homogenous temperature distribution effect to the heated substance.

The allowable surface of the base body of the heater is 400¢J, but it will increase the process precision of the contact surface of the heated object and acquired optimal thermal efficiency, and is possess the features which doesn't existed in other heater, such as the variation of shape, can be used in the heater of the feeding cylinder, in addition to extra heat dissipation fin on the heater body, the cooling channel can be provided internally, and the cooling pipe can be set into the base body while casting for rapid cooling, rapid heating temperature control.