Structure and brief introduction to heater tube:

The JAW heater tube is manufactured by several skilled technicians of our company with more than 20 years experience in heater tube accommodated with latest machinery equipment and using the renown heater material in the world, the manufactured product gone through stringent inspection of precise instrument, ensuring quality and absolute accuracy and reliability, is the best heat source in industrial field.

The JAW heater tube is a straight tube heater, the external metal protection tube is insulated by special thermal insulator, thus it possess wide variety in application, which is allowed to be process and bent into various suitable shape and secure directly on the machine and variety of heater appliance, or being inserted into mold or heat skin drilled hole, thus achieve accurate and high efficiency heat source, eliminate energy wastage, the generated heat from the heater tube are 100% absorbed by machine and mold or hot plate, and achieving the purpose of energy saving. The material of external metal protective tube of the JAW heater tube are generally bronze, steel pipe and stainless steel, and may used aluminum, brass, INCOLLOY, INCONEL, titanium special alloy depend on application condition. The diameter of the protection tube are available from 6O~25O and 7 ft in max size(special size pending on order).

The JAW heater tube are divided into heat dissipation plate type, liquid submersed type, cast embedding type, radiation type and insertion type(so called bullet shell type) in five major categories according to application. The JAW heater have been widely accepted in industrial field for their features and east usage, high safety and high heat efficiency and the market is expanding accompanied with the development of industry.

Basic structure of JAW heater tube: It is composed of spiral heater coil inside the metal protective tube, and fill the gap inside the tube by high purity manganese powder of good conductivity, high insulation value and heat resistance by special designed machine, the heater wire inside is concentric and compress the outer diameter by high pressure of exclusive compression machine to harden the interior, thus allow the 100% conductivity of the heat generated by the interior heater coil to outside of the protective tube, but also prevent the deterioration of the heater wire due to oxidation or the broken wire resulting from external impact and eccentric concern of the heater wire.

The application of the JAW heater tube is extensive, ranging from household to industries heating or thermal keeping, satisfactory effect may be achieved by using the JAW heater tube; such as household living coffee pot, electrical bowl, electrical oven, iron, heater, water boiler, hot water supplier, drinking fountain, barbecue appliance, baking oven¡K...and so on. The industrial reaction boiler heating, drying of chemicals material, dying of textile industry, fixation, pressing, transfer, folding machine, plastic ejector formation machine, mold heating, synthetic leather, bonding of plastic leather foam, printing, embossing, metal die casting, protrusion, foods process, timber process, heating of chemical solution, plating solution, oils.